Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Oh those Denver cops are at it again!

Ok, what happened seems very messed up at first glance: why the cops went through the window, the delay in actually going into the house, etc. Let the investigation happen. Oh, and I love how the news is now dropping the "activists want an investigation as to why these things always seem to happen in minority neigborhoods" why, that would be because MORE CRIME happens in those places.

Case in point: Ye Olde Highlands neighborhood. When I moved there in 1991 a fun pastime was sitting on the porch at midnight and later to watch the cops pull over all the drunk drivers leaving the low-rent bars on 32nd and Lowell. Other times I was awoken by the screaming boyfriend/girlfriend drunken fights at 2am. Or all the wonderful tagging that used to take place. Or cars jumping the curb, the driver then stumbling drunk down the sidewalk or the street. I used to call the cops ALL THE TIME. Because the neighborhood was shabby, the rents were cheap and there was a lot of riff-raff around.

Nowadays the riff-raff is still there, but they're cloaked in their best Columbia gear, able to keep their passats/audi/range rovers at a good speed and in the lane, plus they're willing to drop big bucks the high-class bars on 32nd & Lowell, therefore: very little problemos. Slim to none.

So you see, that's why there is more police presence in low-income neighborhoods, there is more crime. That being said, the cop involved will lose his job and the family will get a big, fat check from Denver.


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