Tuesday, July 13, 2004

I live in North Denver

I live my Sloans Lake. I wonder what is being built on the land of the old A&W. Where were the protests to save A&W? Where am I supposed to get my frothy refreshments now? Especially being single, where oh where?

Are there any single men in North Denver? That own their home and don't have a Stop Wal-mart sign in their front yard? That aren't obsessed with their doggies? That actually clean up after said dog when out walking? I see lots of guys running, walking, riding by my house, lots more eating delicious shizzle down on 32nd and Lowell - and I wonder. I wa-wa-wa-wa-wonder.

The art of meeting someone is a delicate one indeed. I'm going to get a new job, work downtown, oggle the boys during lunch.


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