Thursday, June 24, 2004

" I did not say I would mow your lawn on Wednesday"

he said, very-very seriously, pointing his finger, with his smarmy accent. But you did Simms17, you abolutely - positively did say you would MOW MY LAWN ON WEDNESDAY.

You see, when you deal with this Monkey you got to ride him, bug him, pester him, because he is an first-rate, a-plus lazee-ass. So, now he'll dream up ANOTHER excuse for why oh why he can't mow my lawn this weekend: "I didn't say I'd mow your lawn this weekend", "it's raining" , "the grass is wet", "I can't breath, it gives me asthma", "I'll mow it NEXT weekend" etc - etc - etc.

And why does Simms17 have to mow my lawn, as opposed to myself? It's a deal I cut, for the use of my fine european automobile...


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