Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Citation for Stupidity

Just finished reading an article in the RMN about an old, senile couple who took in two stray pit bulls that ended up attacking them. Huh? Stupid asses, stupid asses like this just piss me off. God's little humanitarians. Pit bulls are mean, stupid dogs, and I've yet to see one that shows me different. They're usually being lead around by mean, stupid people. And so these chumps find two on the street and take them in? Oh, yeah and it's okay to have the grandson go play in the backyard with the new sweet, sweet doggies? And you're SURPRISED they ended up attacking? Sometimes, people just piss me off. Dogs too. Dogs and people, just don't get me started! I have found that most people who love their doggies to death, don't have that great of people skills. Go figure.


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