Wednesday, July 14, 2004

How I love those christians

Especially the lazy one here in my office. The one that comes up to my desk right at the MOMENT I return with my delicious Carl's Jr. low-carb burger. He's got one of my files in his hands and says: I really need a copy of the statement. Uh, ok - OOOOHHH, so I see what you REALLY mean is: I really need YOU to copy this statement for me. Even though I am 1.on lunch and #2. we are both 3 feet away from the COPIER. Come on you lazzzy ass! What gives? Your fingers broke? You never seen a big, fancy copier? No, you're just lazy. This is the guy that won't EVER make the coffee, doesn't put his dirty dishes in the dishwasher, just leaves them in the sink for the receptionist to get when she leaves for the day. This is that guy - where upon me giving him the copies, he's sitting at his desk eating his lunch and says: oh, I didn't mean to interrupt your lunch - sorry! Whatever Jesus Freak, w-w-whatevah!

But he's a good christian you know, oh yes, he's always praying for one thing or another. Puhleeze.


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