Thursday, July 15, 2004

Ashlee Simpson

Yes. I watched the show. I got a pretty laugh at the lame attempt of Jessica to rawk out to her sister's "pop" song. Gag me already. Ashlee likes to look like a boy. She also likes to fuck boys, that ain't no virgin, let me tell you. She also thinks it's sweet when the boy-toy brings CARNATIONS and DAISIES. Huh?? Carnations are for lame-brains. It looked like he went and gathered up all the week-old bouqets at King Soopers. How thoughtful! And she gets it because she's a "rock star", because she sings "peesus aaawwwfff maaaaeee".

That song sucks so hard, I can't even describe it. Okay, so maybe it's OK to like the song and hate the singer, as it's okay to hate the game but not the playa. Case in point: I myself like at least 3 Britney Spears song while hating her plastic, curvaceous slutty ass.

Oh hate, hate is such a STRONG word.


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