Thursday, May 25, 2006

Why the Highlands suck.

And NOW I have to meet my damn neighbors? Because of my social butterfly hubby? Huh? He's here 3 months and already knows more people then I can shake a stick at? Geesh.

You ask: Does marriage impede on your porn viewing?

Yes. Yes it does.

And another thing

About my life: on my third job since starting this here blog.

2nd job: working for a couple (Mid-50's male, started Co. - mid-30's female). Let's start with the female, or Skins (being anorexic and all, I find it quite fitting). This chick would CRY if candy bars were left in the office. Made her way to the bathroom after each and every meal, and chronicled every piece of food that passed her chapped lips.

She also made life hell for me in that: she accused me of leaving 1-2 minutes early (going off of her CELL phone time); made me rewrite, rewrite and rewrite stupid workplans (task: learn title work, her answer in red pen just like a teacher: what does this mean? Just what is says Skins, just what it says) I would rewrite workplans up to 7-8 times, long after the actual work was COMPLETE, wouldn't get an over-the-door coat hanger for my jacket, wouldn't put batteries in her digital camera herself, wouldn't water her plants herself. All in all, a real pain in the ass. Expected absolute perfection from day one. She would ask me to write a letter, I would write it and send it to her, she would, of course, have a billion changes. I would update and send to her, she would then start changing her changes. Ugh.

Anyways, that job ended in February, when they let me go. Becuase Old Man and Skins were going to try for a baby, and with Skins doing all the "heavy lifting" they needed someone with more experience. So I was buh-bye. I was upset, but relieved as well. Took me three weeks to land a killer job: public company, assistant to CEO/Chairman, $8000 bucks more per year, stock options, paid parking, kick-ass office on the Pearl Street mall.

One thing I hope though: I hope Old Man is shooting blanks. Amen. we are again Motherfuckers

I didn't realize I had erased all links, from the past. Phew. My how things have changed. Firstly I am married. Yes, I'll let you catch your breathe. So I am married to a UKB. Gotcha! My plan worked! And yes indeedy I love the accent. Secondly, I bought two pairs of fugly shoes from REI. I know! What is happening to ME? Thirdly, I got a dog. Oh gawd yes it's true and sometimes I wonder what the hell I am thinking. Fourthly, I got a scooter. It just will never end.

Pretty soon there will be little difference between me and all the white tools which surround me in the "Hiiighhhlaaaands."