Saturday, March 27, 2004

Why are Movies NINE DOLLARS?

9 bucks and then I have to sit through fucking Twix commercials. If I MUST sit through commericals, then I demand Super Bowl Quality with Nudity, Profanity, Blood and Guts. For nine dollars I should get it. HOWEVER, there was a lot of "action" going on between the couple sitting beside me, well one person over. As there was a lot of strategic leg draping and suspicious movements beneath their clothing. I found that if I sat forward and I had a pretty good view. It was totally gross! It made me feel Dirty! Who am I kidding? There ain't nothing wrong with getting it on at the movies! Love! I love it! She was a Granola chick, sloppy and dumpy. He was kinda dumpy too but would clean up well I think. Granola Girls get the boys. I am so anti-granola chick you don't even know.


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