Friday, March 26, 2004

Being a City Girl is tough going.

The looks on their faces when you say: no, I don't bike ride. Or: no, I've never been camping. Me? Camping? Puhleeze. I could do it for one night two days at the most, and he'd have to be pretty fine/sexy and promise me a NICE night out under the stars for me to agree. I find I need Modern Bathroom Facilities. Working toilet, hot/cold water, shower. Everybody wants the Granola Girl. The Granola Girl that will camp with you for a week in the mountains, has her OWN bike AND bike rack, has dog slobber all over her car windows too! She wears jeans most everywhere, pulls her hair back all careless and natural like, always sports the wrong color lipstick, and wears fugly shoes. Okay? Got it! Go For It.


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