Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Wedding ring? Check! Not!

No wedding ring. Which means: he's single, or divorced, or gay. The deadly trifecta. What will it be? I also found out he IS the eye doctor, all 120 cut pounds of him - soaking wet! And wait till you see how that white tshirt looks, all damp and clinging. Little show-off, what does he expect? Running around in skin tight shirts.

But I keep coming back to the CLOGS. Gawd! Clogs are L-A-M-E, can I overlook?....

Clogs are never appropriate. And don't give me any crap about "gardening" or "lawn work", that's what old sneakers are for. Are all clear on this?

I've decided to overlook the clog issue, that's just the type of open-minded gal I am, plus, like I would let clogs come between me an my object of perversion? No way!


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