Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Eagles of Death Metal!

Got the cd last night, listened to it about, oh 5-6 times. Ok, first off, there are shades-shades-shades of old Desert Session songs, like the background vocals on "Polly Want A Crack Rock", well it's right there on "I Only Want You". The lyrics are funny too, all around it's a good bet. Can Josh do anything wrong? Other than makeout with yucky poser faux-hawkers? Not one thing musically.

So what - so Josh tweeks things, going back to old tunes batting around in his beautiful head - so what if sometimes things sound alike but what do I care!? Not a whit! Josh rocks my world so hard, I heart him, oh I does! AND I get a groovy new poster for my Wall - Of - Rawk.

So go get a copy already.


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