Monday, July 19, 2004

It's done

Well the kid is moving on so what the hell I guess I'll start posting again since I finally have nothing better to do.  Well here is a bright note...the Nuggets are going to rip next year!  I can't wait until we play the Timberwolves and Kenyon Martin beats the hell out of Sam Cassels alien head.  Damn that dude is ugly...I mean basically his shit is scary!  So I am very excited for the up coming season.  I hate this lag time between basketball and football; the only thing to watch is baseball.  Baseball is fun only when you are drinking and eating junk food.  Otherwise you will fall asleep (unfortunately I don’t mean this literally) and wake up sad and out of wack because you just wasted 3 hours watching one sucky team play another sucky team.  I prefer watching summer league basketball to watching baseball. That is just me so back off bitches if you don't agree.  The upcoming months should be decent with the return of football in August and September and then finally b-ball in late October early November. 


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