Monday, July 19, 2004

I have excellent news for the world!

There is no such thing as trip hop!  I also have to tell you about my amazing weekend!  Right on, let's go!  Well it wasn't actually great.  I was however able to drink mass quantities of LQ on Saturday and the better halves company picnic.  Yes I know, I should be more gracious and subtle and not hover over the kegs like angry bear!  What's the fun in that?  I honestly drank more than I should have and that was mostly due to the fact that the fucking picnic sucked and I don't know these people!  You know when you go somewhere with someone and they have to like do shit and can't actually participate in the get-together, well that was the deal for me lady!  She had to do her thing and that left me...naked...alone and drinking!  Unfortunately the naked and alone thing really did happen, but that was much farther along in the evening.  Anyways, the beer was good and I drank it!  I was forced to mingle, so I mingled and the people were enchanted!  I must say I put on a damn fine show!  I left them in stitches!  The sad thing is I worked the magic a little to well.  We were invited out to the after parties because they loved my monkey!  I told them hey, I can't be giving away my presence like a cheap six-pack of Pabst!  I have to conserve the goodness people, so I am sorry but I am going to have to pass on the keggers till dawn.  I have an image as a lone wolf to uphold!  So we bid them goodnight and I went and passed out fully clothed in the guest bedroom!  Which brings me back to the naked and alone in the hell did I get outside on the porch and who undressed me?  Well that is up the cops as for me I will pay my fine and do it all again next weekend!


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